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The new Horizon Call Center location managers wanted to hire employees based on valid objective criteria that would minimize anything that is not job-related, and thereby select the best employees. To do this, they devised a mock-up of a call center work station, and placed the applicants, one at a time, in that work station to receive calls like the ones they'd receive from customers. The test was designed to determine if the applicants had the skill to operate the call center work station and its computers, and if the applicants had the personality and demeanor to deal with the wide variety of human behavior that would test the workers' patience. Based on this, which type(s) of validation is the Call Center relying on to assure that the test will accomplish what the managers seek? A. The test described here for applicants will assess criterion-related validity, content validity, and construct validity. B. The test described here for applicants will assess criterion-related validity and construct validity, but not content validity, C. The test described here for applicants will assess only content validity. D. The test described here for applicants will assess content validity, and construct validity, but not criterion-related validity,

Reference no: EM13966918

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