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1. Write a description of a situation you recall where you came into conflict with someone else. It may be something that happened years ago, or a current issue that just arose. Using the principles and strategies in this section, describe how the conflict was resolved, or could have been resolved. Discuss your ideas with your classmates.

2. Of the strategies for managing conflict described in this section, which do you think are the most effective? Why? Discuss your opinions with a classmate.

3. Can you think of a time when a conflict led to a new opportunity, better understanding, or other positive result? If not, think of a past conflict and imagine a positive outcome. Write a two- to three-paragraph description of what happened, or what you imagine could happen. Share your results with a classmate.

Reference no: EM131045252

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Identify and describe at least three HR challenges in relation to people and technology in terms of strategic planning. Could social networking be used to address some of the

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Write a 350-word response regarding the differences between the direct and indirect presentation of cash flows. Why does the Financial Accounting Standards Board allow both


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