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Green Computing

The U.S. Department of Energy has determined that businesses and schools can reduce their energy consumption up to 20 percent by using asset management software. This type of program can determine energy consumption and then ensure appliances and electronic devices are operating at peak efficiency with the lowest operating costs. Visit the Web sites of several companies that have developed asset management software, including Infor (infor.com/goinggreen), Amitec Ltd. (amitec-g.com), and IBM (www-01.ibm.com/ software/tivoli), and locate information about the monitoring programs. Which companies and colleges have installed this software? How does the software monitor current energy use and then measure the organization's carbon footprint? How often are the intervals set to take readings and then evaluate the data? Write a report summarizing your findings, and include a table of links to Web sites that provide additional details.

Reference no: EM131399837

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