Whether there are multiple definitions of an environment var

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Implement setenv() and unsetenv() using getenv(), putenv(), and, where necessary, code that directly modifies environ. Your version of unsetenv() should check to see whether there are multiple definitions of an environment variable, and remove them all (which is what the glibc version of unsetenv() does).

Reference no: EM131056511

Main differences between client-server

What are the main differences between client/server and web applications? Give your opinion on what Thomas L. Friedman is referring to with the words, "Now the real IT revol

What would be the state of the user ids after following call

Assume in each of the following cases that the initial set of process user IDs is real=1000 effective=0 saved=0 file-system=0. What would be the state of the user IDs after

Assignment on computer memory hacking

Describe what hacking of memory or hacking of RAM means. Examine the common tools that hackers use to hack into memory of computing devices. Detail two (2) real-life examples

How long will it take before this value cycles

Assuming that the clock_t value returned by times() is an unsigned 32-bit integer, how long will it take before this value cycles so that it restarts at 0? Perform the same

Digital camera specifications for mobile devices

Research the latest digital camera specifications for mobile devices. Compare the highest-quality mobile device cameras to digital cameras available on the market. Choose on

Check whether oldfd is valid

In this case, you should check whether oldfd is valid, which can be done by, for example, checking if fcntl(oldfd, F_GETFL) succeeds. If oldfd is not valid, then the functio

Write a time-stamped string to a second file

The timestamp should be recorded in text form as the number of milliseconds since the start of the script session. Recording the timestamp in text form has the advantage tha

Design the server to handle clients concurrently

Note that all of the work of authenticating the user and starting a login shell can be dealt with in each server child by having the (grand)child created by ptyFork() go on


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