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You have just been hired as a Human Resource Manager in a small, but rapidly growing organization with 160 employees. During the interview and selection process, the CEO stated that the reason an HRM Manager was needed was because there was an increase in customer complaints concerning errors in shipments of orders.

Errors included incorrect products and quantities, as well as increases in defective products. The errors seemed to be random; in other words, customers did not know if and when they would receive a correct and complete order or one with missing and/or incorrect or defective products.

You have one non-exempt HR clerical-type employee in the department.

Obviously, this is an important problem for a growing start-up organization. Where would you start to determine what is wrong? What would you do to quickly, but effectively, correct the problem?

Find at least two scholarly sources addressing this issue. When researching, it is good to find sources that provide varying perspectives on the same topic.

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