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When the ambient air is at 70 degrees Fahreneit, 14.7 psia, and contains 21% oxygen by volume, 4.5 lb of air are pumped into a scuba tank, capacity 0.75 ft^3. What volume of ambient air was compressed? When the filled tank has cooled to ambient conditions, what is the (gage) pressure of the air in the tank? What is the partial pressure (psia) and specific weight of the ambient oxygen? What weight of oxygen was put in the tank? What is the partial pressure (psia) and specific weight of the oxygen in the tank?

Reference no: EM13562633

The description should include a brief history

Write a brief (No more than a few paragraphs plus the equations themselves on a) description of the three-dimensional unsteady Navier-Stokes equations as applied to water. The

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Assume the collector provides this energy to a thermal storage unit (a thermal reservoir) at 220oC. A heat engine receives energy from this thermal storage unit and discharg

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The velocity of a particle traveling along a straight line is v=(3t^2-6t) ft/s , where t is in seconds. if s=4ft when t=0 determine the position of the particle when t=4s wh

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A small truck with a center of gravity at X=2.5ft and Y=6ft is traveling on a circular path of radius R=400ft and e=4% where e=rate of superelevation. Determine the maximum

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Determine the maximum force P that can be applied without causing the two 50-kg crates to move. The coefficient of static friction between each crate and the ground is 0.25 Th

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A landfill is located 500 km from a river whose surface elevation is 40 m lower than the ground elevation at the landfill. After several years it is discovered that leachate

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With reference to Figure 7-24, the northing of point S is to be N 1650. The northing of the circle center O is to remain fixed at N 1000. What is the required easting of the


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