What type of selection result directional and stabilizing

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Question 1. Dogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, while house cats are relatively homogeneous. How come?

Question 2. Turkeys on poultry farms are artificially inseminated. Why can't they mate like those in the wild do?

Question 3. Consider an island where a species of bird relies on the nuts of a particular type of tree for food. As a result of a prolonged drought, the trees on the island start producing nuts that are much smaller than normal, and with thicker and harder shells. What do you think will happen to the birds? Be specific. What type of selection will result: directional, stabilizing, or disruptive?

Question 4. A vestigial structure is one of marginal, if any importance to an organism. Vestigial structures are historical remnants of structures that had important functions in ancestors. Provide six examples of vestigial structures, and briefly explain why each is considered so.

Reference no: EM13989964

What do you think is limiting the adoption of nuclear fusion

In his TED talk, Steven Cowley calls fusion "the perfect energy source." Using What You Need To Know About Energy and the Time Magazine article by Brian Walsh as your source

Which will cause our immune system to fail

Our immune system has been likened to an army of cells - ready to wage war against invading pathogens to protect their world - our body. Let's discuss this wonderful system

Environmental health-discuss of food borne illnesses

Please discuss the perspective of food borne illnesses in 2015, compared to what they might have been in 50 or even 100 years ago. Be sure to supply your APA formatted sourc

Explain the importance of these substances

In this Assignment, you will have a conversation where you will translate the medical jargon for a patient. You will interpret his cholesterol panel, explain the importance

Primary reasons that contribute to falls on the job

Research and provide some of the primary reasons that contribute to falls on the job. What are some general strategies for preventing these types of falls? What do you think

Select a source of anatomy and physiology information

Use the name of your source as the title of your forum post. You cannot use a source that one of your classmates' has already used as a topic for their initial forum post.Fo

Describe one of the civilizations from the list provided

Describe one of the civilizations from the list provided (i.e., location, environment, and relevant history of the civilization). Explain how the Neolithic revolution contri

Methods of securing arbitration

In response to such events as the Cuyahoga River fire and a 250 million gallon crude oil spill of the coast of Santa Barbara, California, Congress passed which Act in the 19


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