What transport process involved in moving salt from blood

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Some marine animals drink salt water, they excrete the extra salt through glands that produce a salty liquid. what transport process must be involved in moving the salt from the blood and into the gland? does this require energy?

Reference no: EM13894078

What are the major causes of disease and death

What have been some of the strategies implemented to combat these illnesses on the local and national levels? Have they been successful? Include reference citations where ap

What are the three essential properties of every material

For this project, you will be exploring the developments in material science that have allowed computers to become so fast. To do so, please address the following in 3-4 pag

What issue is the speaker using to take a position

Question 1.1. (TCOs 2 and 3) What issue is the speaker using to take a position in the following situation? There is little merit to the claim that inheritance taxes will

Topic on gastrointestinal case study

You will be assigned one of the case studies by your instructor. Once you have completed the assigned case study please respond to 2 of your classmates by the assigned due d

Three descriptions of experiments

Review the information in your text and in this week's PowerPoint presentations concerning confounds and their impact on a researcher's ability to determine cause and effect r

Discuss some preventative measures adults

5.Discuss some preventative measures adults can take to avoid or slow the progress of cardiovascular disease. Explain the combined gender-racial bias that is especially d

Environmental science and sustainability for clancy

Describe 1 natural and 1 human-caused disturbance to the ecosystem. Explain the damage to the ecosystem, including how the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the ecosystem

Bass population affect the rate of primary production

In a short paragraph explain what kind of arguments the researcher could use to address the following (5-7 sentences)How does the increased fishing pressure on the bass popula


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