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Create a development plan for the game you described in Exercise 1. What specialists are needed to create your game? What work will each of them need to do? How will your development team be organized?

Exercise 1

Working alone or with other students, design a video game that has shopping in a supermarket as its major theme This should be a general design for a game not necessarily based on Alice. You will design the game, but you will not build it. What genre will your game be? What are its objectives, rules of play, structure, and so on? What does the user interface look like? How will scorekeeping work? What other programming features are needed for the game?

Reference no: EM131109879

Consider the sliding window algorithm with sws = rws = 3

Show that if DATA[6] is in the receive window, then DATA[0] (or in general any older data) cannot arrive at the receiver (and hence that MaxSeqNum = 6 would have sufficed).

Discuss the impact of the electronic mail policy

Consider the UC Davis policy on reading electronic mail. A research group wants to obtain raw data from a network that carries all network traffic to the Department of Polit

Binary work and then shift the bits

If you encode the signed integer -5 into an 8 bit binary work and then shift the bits to the right by two places; and wrap the bits (that fall off on the right) around to th

Minimum-spanning-tree problem for lp formulation

The minimum-spanning-tree problem is to find an acyclic subset T + E that connects all of the vertices and whose total weight c(T ) = ce is minimized. Write down the dual

Calculate and display the weight of the object

Write a program that calculates the weight of an object on the Earth, Moon, and Mars. Specifically, your final program will choose from a menu to determine the gravity then

Lettuce is used with several types of hamburgers

Q8. Farmer Bob, Farmer Jane and Farmer Jose run a cow farming co-op. For every cow they keep the cow's name, age (or date of birth), breed and numbered plastic ear tag. T

Compare well-known purpose for forms and report in an access

Compare and contrast the most well-known purpose(s) for forms and reports in an Access database. Identify at least two ways in which individuals could use these tools in Acc

How to merge it with a path tracer instead

Can you take the idea from the path tracer-"just continue tracing until things stop"-and use it in the propagation of photons? Will it solve the problem with the scene you c


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