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Aquinas argues that there are three basic human inclinations (the inclination to preserve life, procreate, and pursue knowledge and truth) which are based on specific aspects of our nature (as existent beings, as animals, and as rational, respectively).

By acting in accordance with these inclinations we are fulfilling our function as human beings.

Does this list of basic inclinations seem comprehensive or could you argue that there are other basic human inclinations that need to be considered in order to fulfill our function?

If so, on what part of our nature would they be based?

Provide an argument for your position.

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Mainly the three basic inclinations like preserving the life, creating their new generation, pursuing knowledge and truth are dependent on the ethics of life and they will make a person to achieve perfection regarding his/her life. For example if you consider a knife the final use of it is to cut then it will become a good knife even this good knife can do bad things like piercing a person. Whatever we do to reach the inclinations of our life, god is the final lawmaker who will give a judgment for each and every action we perform. In my perception as we have a sense unlike animals we have to follow the ethics of life to reach the inclinations of life and everyone has to accept good in life by keeping away the evil thoughts as the good and bad things we do will only reflects our personalities and also the next generations.

Reference no: EM132280426

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