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1. How did Philips become the most successful company in its business during an era when scores of electrical engineering companies were being formed (GE, RCA, EMI, Thomson, Grundig, Matsushita, Hitachi, and Toshiba, to name just a few)? What did it do better than these others?

2. How was Matsushita able to overtake Philips in over 25 years? What distinctive strategic competencies gave them competitive advantage? What organizational capabilities embedded them?

3. Why are both companies having such difficulties building the capability they so clearly recognize as missing?

4. What advice would you have for Mr. Kleisterlee? What do you think of his out sourcing plans? What advice for Mr. Nakamura? Is his restructuring program too little or too much?

Reference no: EM131031814

Customers experiencing technical difficulty

Customers experiencing technical difficulty with their internet cable hookup may call an 800 number for technical support. It takes the technician between 90 seconds and 14 mi

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We should never treat other people as means merely. What makes an act right is that we achieve the end that is desirable. Happiness is what counts in moral action. An agent is

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Visit two or more social media sites and review information that people post about themselves and information friends post about them. What types of information is available?

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The office manager is currently utilizing an order size of 202 boxes. The partners of the industry expect the office to be managed "in a cost-efficient manner." Would you re

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When an organization collaborates with a partner in downstream supply chain, it is said to be Forward integration. For example in case of medical supply chain an academic medi

Human resource management-unresolved bargaining

When the bargaining process breaks down between union representatives and company management, union members occasionally will vote to stop working until demands are met; if

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Do you believe that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need better emotional intelligence skills than a non-entrepreneurial person? How critical are self-awareness and relationsh

Performance improvement models

Performance Improvement Models Each student is to demonstrate how an individual or team can use the PI model to successfully plan, implement, and evaluate improvement initiati


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