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Experiment: Exploring Mirrors

1. Step 1: Look into the side of the mirror that bulges out toward you. Write down how the image appears (orientation and magnification) and how many objects you can see in the background.

2. Step 2: Hold the mirror close to your face, and then gradually move it away. Note what happens to your image as you get farther from the mirror.

3. Step 3: Now turn the mirror over and look into the side that bends inward. Note down how the image appears (orientation and magnification) and how many objects you can see in the background.

4. Step 4: Place this mirror as close as you can to your eyes and note what you see differently. Write down how the orientation and magnification change as you move the mirror farther away.


1. What kind of mirror did you use in Procedure/Observations 1-is it convex or concave?

2. Is your image in this type of mirror a virtual image or a real image? How do you know?

3. Did the convex mirror give you a good view of a lot of objects to either side of you? Where have you seen mirrors like this used, and what do you think makes them useful?

4. Is the other side of the mirror convex or concave? Comment on the magnification of this side of the mirror when it is held very close to your eyes. How does the magnification change as you move it away from your eyes?

5. Is this a virtual image or a real image??Draw a ray diagram for a concave mirror with the object placed inside the focal length (so < f) to verify your answer.

Reference no: EM13834205

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