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Assignment 1: Find examples of digital products with a bad and a good UI.

Individual work.


Find an example of a good and an example of a bad user interface (UI) from two digital products, analyzing their interaction styles and using Norman's Interaction Model.


A "good" UI should be, among other features:

efficient (e.g. it doesn't have a delay in presenting information)

easy to interact with

easy to learn how to use it

easy to identify how to use it the first time we see it

it should have a clear goal on what to do with it and what it's designed for.


According to Dix et al. (2004), in order to be a successful interactive product (including its UI), it should comply with the three 'use' words:

useful - accomplish what is required: format a document, cook dinner, etc.

usable - do it easily and naturally, without danger of error, etc.

used - make people want to use it, be engaging, fun, attractive, etc.


Work individually.

Find an everyday digital product, e.g. a digital toy, a digital camera, video game portable console, a smart TV, a vending machine, a digital coffee machine, etc. (except cellphones and tablets) with a "good" user interface (UI), and examine how the UI has been designed, paying particular attention to how the user is meant to interact with it. Also, find another digital product with a bad UI.

From your first impressions, write down what first comes to mind as to what is good and bad at about their UIs.

Take pictures of the digital products.

Discuss possible improvements to their UI. Make sketches about the digital products and their UI including your suggested improvements.

Explain what kind of interaction style(s) do both products support.

Describe how people use both products using the 7 steps of Norman's Interaction Model (it is described in May 2's class).

Submit a report on the above in PDF format, at least 3 pages, single spaced and with a reasonably-sized pictures of the products and the sketch. The more relevant description you add to the report, the better the grading will be. Don''t forget to write your name. Word documents will not be accepted.

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Solution file is prepared in msword which is explained about the two digital products of the UI such as ticket vending machine and coffee vending machine. and also explained about the good and bad UI of both digital products and future design. The word count of the solution is 1015 and references are included as per APA format.

Reference no: EM131486358

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