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Problem - DeFleur manufactures bicycles. The bicycles are manufactured in two divisions. The framing division manufactures the carbon bicycle frames. The assembly division assemble other components to the frame and the bike is ready for sale. There is no market for the unassembled frames and all manufactured frames are transferred to the assembly division. For the purposes of performance evaluation, the framing division transfers the completed frames to the assembly division at the budgeted standard cost of a frame. The budgeted units of production for the framing division is 1,000, all of which will be transferred to the assembly division at the standard full absorption cost.

The budgeted costs for the framing division are as follows:

Direct Materials per unit: 10 layers of carbon-fiber at $20/layer $200.00

Direct Labor per unit: 8 hours at $12/hour $96.00

1. Standard variable overhead is applied to products on the basis of direct labor hours at a rate of $0.50/direct labor hour.

Budgeted Fixed Overhead is $30,000 and the standard fixed cost per unit is based on the budgeted units of production (Hint: Calculate the Standard FOH/unit).

Actual data for the period relating to the costs are as follows:

The actual number of units produced was 800

Actual Fixed Overhead costs were $30,000

Actual Variable Overhead costs $4,000

2. The framing division worked 7,500 direct labor hours during the year at a total cost of $93,750.

3. A total of 9,000 carbon-fiber layers were purchased and used in production during the year at a total cost of $171,000.

4. Total Budgeted cost for the framing division was $330,000. The total actual cost was $298,750.

Required - Note that all the questions on variance are with respect to the framing division.

Q1. What is the total variance in the actual cost and static budget?

Q2. What is the direct material volume variance? And is it favorable or unfavorable?

Q3. What is the direct material efficiency variance? And is it favorable or unfavorable?

Q4. What is the direct material price variance? And is it favorable or unfavorable?

Q5. What is the volume variance in fixed overhead? and it favorable or unfavorable?

Q6. What is the sum (net) of all the price, efficiency and volume variances across all the variable accounts (material, labor, variable overhead)

Q7. What is the actual cost per unit produced?

Q8. What is the transfer price per frame? (Remember that the transfer price is the standard cost per unit.)

Q9. What is the primary (largest) cause of the difference between the actual cost and the static budget of the framing department?

a. volume variance b efficiency variance c price variance

Q10. Should the framing department be held responsible for the poor performance of the framing division? Explain Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132805965

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