What is the standard deviation for the true error rate

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Consider a learned hypothesis, h, for some boolean concept. When h is tested on a set of 100 examples, it classifies 83 correctly. What is the standard deviation and the 95% confidence interval for the true error rate for Errorv(h)?

Reference no: EM1359576

What are the advantages of using variables in a data type

A data type describes the format and size of a data item. However, it does not define the type of operation a data item needs to perform. Do you agree with this statement

Where does most of the redundancy occur

Do you believe that there is too much or too little redundancy in our health care delivery system? Where does most of the redundancy occur? Where should we have more redunda

Why doyou think the company chose that computing environment

Using the Web (or past issues of computer industry magazines, such asComputerworld), locate a system that runs in a server-based environment. On the basis of your reading, why

Discussing your midterm thoughts and reflections

Discussing your midterm thoughts and reflections about the course - what you have learned in the classroom when you have your own class or how do you imagine it being used, i

Find the minimum sum-of-products form

Find an alternative sum-of-products form for X, Y, and Z that minimizes the number of unique product terms to implement all three functions simultaneously. How many unique p

Determine the maximum length of the cable

Determine the maximum length of the cable (in km) for transmitting data at a rate of 500 Mbps in an Ethernet LAN with frames of size 10,000 bits. Assume the signal speed in

Supervisor describing the programming language

Write a memo to your supervisor describing the programming language you would use to develop this tool and the method for verifying the information Alexander Rocco managemen

Redistribution configuration and verification commands

Analyze IPv6 and examine the key features that IT professionals generally consider to be an improvement over IPv4. Specifically, compare and contrast the flexibility of IPv6


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