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Question 1 What is the purpose of a cross join in MDX? Specifically, what gets returned as the result of a cross join.

Question 2 Provide a case when you would use a URL Action with the target being a specific measure. What would be the business purpose for this?

Question 3 What is a Drill Through Action used for? What risks are associated with defining too many Drill Through Actions?

Question 4 Relational OLAP - data stored in the database, Multidimensional OLAP - data stored in the cube, Hybrid OLAP - aggregates are stored in the cube and details are stored database. Explain the design considerations in how you would decide which storage type to use.

Question 5 What would be the purpose of defining multiple partitions for a given measure group? In other words, what sort of issues are you able to solve by splitting the data into multiple partitions.

Question 6 What are the four pieces that make up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? Provide an example of a KPI based on the AdventureWorks database. When would it not make sense to use KPI's.

Question 7 What is a typical purpose for writing data back to a cube? Explain the fundmental difference between dimension write back and measure write back. Where do the changes get stored in each case?

Question 8 Given the range of reporting and data extraction tools, when does it make sense to use OLAP? What would you consider the main selling points of OLAP technology? When would OLAP not be a good choice?

Reference no: EM13970301

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