What is the price elasticity

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Please explain how you got the answer to this question! You have the following demand for a pack of cigarettes: Q=200- 0.30P with the average quantity of 3 packs and average price of $3.00 per pack. What is the price elasticity?

Reference no: EM131441719

What volatilities were used to construct each tree

You computed zero-coupon bond prices in the previous problem; now you have to compute the year-1 yield volatility for 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-year bonds.) Can you unambiguously sa

Explain the principles of the siso method

What are the problems that the scan-in, scan-out (SISO) method is intended to overcome? Explain the principles of the SISO method, and identify the benefits and costs involv

Write limitations of present windows computers

Write down some limitations of present Windows 95 and 98 computers for use in context of this library, compared to more modern operating system?

Recognize a physical dfd compared to a logical dfd

How would you recognize a physical DFD compared to a logical DFD? How do physical processes in a physical DFD differ from logical processes in a logical DFD? Give an example

Detailed security requirements for inclusion in an rfp

Document 20 detailed security requirements for inclusion in an RFP. These requirements should focus specifically on security of the logon process (authentication) of users int

Major information security threats

Write a 3-to 4-page paper on at least three major information security threats that a specific organization you choose faces today. This portion of the assignment should pr

Formula for the height

Assume that air resistance is negligible. What is the formula for the height h(t) of a falling body above the ground at time t if the initial height is h0and the initial vel

Check whether oldfd is valid

In this case, you should check whether oldfd is valid, which can be done by, for example, checking if fcntl(oldfd, F_GETFL) succeeds. If oldfd is not valid, then the functio


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