What is the overall reliability of the call center

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The service center for a brokerage company provides three functions to callers: account status, order confirmations, and stock quotes. The reliability was measured for each of these services over one month with these results:70 percent, 60 percent and 50 percent, respectively. What is the overall reliability of the call center?

Reference no: EM131033539

Would such a strategy save cost

A consultant recommends that the retailer should set up a consolidation warehouse in Shanghai that collects all the products from suppliers and pays them, and organize ocean

What would be the upper control limit

For 120 consecutive days, a process engineer has measured the temperature of cham- pagne bottles as they are made ready for serving. Each day, she took a sample of 8 bottles.

What are three of five functional-level areas of planning

What is the difference between corporate-level strategies for growth, retrenchment and stability? What is the purpose of the BCG Growth-Share Matrix in the development of busi

Write organizational life cycles and shifting criteria

Organizational life cycles and shifting criteria of effectiveness- Some preliminary evidence. Describe the chronicle of life cycle change and the early stages of development

What is the eoq for fiber glass and reinforced plastic

What is the EOQ for fiber glass and reinforced plastic. What is the periodic interval that orders have to be made for both raw materials (in days)? Do you think they could sha

Modify their pension plan

Weyland wishes to modify their pension plan. The current plan allows employees to either receive $500 a month or $100,000 upfront upon retirement. Both plans also offer a annu

The three major components of statistical methodology

Discuss the differences among the three major components of statistical methodology (descriptive statistics, statistical inference, and predictive statistics). Why might the

What sequence would the jobs be processed

The following jobs are waiting to be processed at Jeremy La Montagne's machine center. Today is day 250. Using the critical ratio scheduling rule, in what sequence would the j


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