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Snookers Restaurant is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. Besides the hours they are open for business, workers are needed an hour before opening and an hour after closing for setup and cleanup activities. The restaurant operates with both full-time and part-time workers on the following shifts:

Shift: Daily Rate
7a-11a $32
7a-3p $80
11a-3p $32
11a-7p $80
3p-7p $32
3p-11p $80
7p-11p $32
The following number of workers are needed for each shift
7a-11a 11
7a-3p 24
11a-3p 16
11a-7p 10
3p-7p 22
3p-11p 17
7p-11p 6

At least one full time worker must be available during the hour before opening and after closing. Additionally, at least 30% of the employees should be full time (8 hours) workers during the restaurant's busy periods from 11a-1p and 5p-7p.

1) Formulate an ILP for this problem with the objective of minimizing total daily labor costs
2) Implement your model in a spreadsheet and solve it
3) What is the optimal solution? 

Reference no: EM13227700

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