What is the minimum cycle time and longest cycle time

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Billy's Hamburger Barn has a single drive-up window. Currently, there is one attendant at the window who takes the order (30-40 seconds), gathers up the food and bags it (30-120 seconds), and then takes the customer's money (30-40 seconds) before handing the food to the customer.

a. Map the current process. What is the minimum cycle time? The longest cycle time?

b. Suppose Billy's Hamburger Barn redesigns the process so there are now two attendants. The first attendant takes the order. Once this step is finished, the first attendant then takes the money, and the scond one gathers up and bags the food. If two of the process steps can now run in parallel (gathering the food and taking the money), what is the new minimum cycle time? What is the longest cycle time? What potential problems could arise by splitting the process across two individuals?

Reference no: EM131272096

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