What is the amount of the bad debt adjusting entry

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Question - Ilene Wright Political Consulting Co. has a $300,000 balance in Accounts Receivable, and a $2,000 debit balance in Allowance for Doubtful Accounts. Credit sales for the period totaled $1,800,000. What is the amount of the bad debt adjusting entry if Ilene Wright Political Consulting Co. uses a percentage of receivables basis (at 10%).

Reference no: EM132280352

What amount can kevin exclude from gross income

Kevin is a candidate for an undergraduate degree at a local university. During 2010, he was granted a fellowship that provided the following: What amount can Kevin exclude fr

Income from operations increase problem

A transfer price of $13 per unit is established, and 50,000 units of material are transferred with no reduction in Division 6'scurrent sales. How much would Division 3's in

Debiting an account

An accountant has debited an account for $3,500 and credited a liability account for $2,000. Which of the following would be an incorrect way to complete the recording of th

Total fixed expenses per month.

Separate the expenses into two lists:a.Variable expenses. List these with the dollar amount of cost per    cleaning job. Make sure to end with total variable expense per unit.

Analysis of the regulatory environment

Create a presentation with an analysis of the regulatory environment - Identify one or more regulations that would apply to your selected company and discuss the ways that com

Analyse the relative attractions of leasing as a financing

A common question when making a capital budgeting decision is whether to lease or buy an asset. This is akin to the 'make or buy choice' that is often faced by management ac

Describe the companys approach to internal controls

Explain the company's approach to internal controls, and assess its compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. Prepare and interpret the results of horizontal and vertical analyses of th

Direct materials price variance problem

A company developed the following per-unit standards for its product: 2 pounds of direct materials at $4 per pound. Last month, 1,000 pounds of direct materials were purchas


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