What is significant difference between free jets and flows

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What is the most significant difference between "free" jets and flows in confined structures (nozzles, pipes, etc.) in terms of formulation of force terms ÓF(i.e. left hand side) of the momentum equation? Assume all flows are subsonic and neglect the gravitational and viscous effects.

Reference no: EM13313317

What would the spindle diameter need to be in order

The crane hoists a uniformly distributed load C. the two identical motors at A an power through gearboxes operating at maximum output speed of 100 rpm.the load is lifted by wi

Determine the exit temperature through a tube at a rate

Water flows through a tube at a rate of 7.5 kg/min while heat is added to it at a rate of 4.5 kW. If water entered at 20 degrees celcius, determine the exit temperature. Ass

Provide a diagram showing the cost of the truss as function

A project for constructing a Facility just started. It involves the excavation of 40 to 60 feet deep and 60 feet wide trench to house double tunnels. A 24-inch outside diame

Check whether the pressure is adequate for service

If the elevation of the pipeline at the treatment plant is 125 m, estimate the pressure in the pipeline 1 km downstream where the elevation if 110 m. Hint: Use the Colebrook

What is the level of service of this compound-grade freeway

A segment of a four-lane freeway (two lanes in each direction) has a 3% upgrade that is 1500 ft. long followed by a 1000 ft 4% upgrade. It has 12 ft lanes and 3 ft shoulders.

What is the trains velocity and what is its displacement

Suppose that the acceleration of the train during the interval time from t=2 to t=4 s is a 2t m/s^2, and at t = 2 s its velocity is v = 180 km/hr. What is the train's velocity

What is the percent decrease in the cross-sectional area

a circular aluminum tube of L=600 mm is loaded in compression by forces P. The outside and inside diameters are d2=75 mm and d1=63mm, respectively. A strain Gage is placed o

Determine the acceleration of each block if someone pushes

Block B rests on a smooth surface. block A is on top of bock B. If the coefficients of static and kinetic friction beween A and B are μ_s=.4 and μ_k=.3, determine the accelera


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