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What is not a problem associated with poor data management? a. essential data missing from the database b. inability to locate data c. system down time d. inconsistencies in representations e. redundant data What is a system level data administrator not likely to be responsible for? a. overall policies b. monitoring database use c. specifying an information architecture for the organization d. non-electronic corporate data What is not part of the database development life cycle? a. Project planning b. Requirements c. Definition d. Database testing e. Operations When monitoring the performance of a database and its access patterns one would not look at: a. type of transactions being processed b. response time c. robustness of data dictionary d. number of disk accesses e. they would look at all of the above Poor data management can result in: a. inaccurate data b. breaches of security c. data loss d. duplication of data e. all of the above A data dictionary is used to: a. access external databases b. as a journaling facility c. to track all database and their components d. to resolve deadlocks e. check the spelling of data as they are entered A system level data administrator would be involved in: a. optimizing databases for different environments b. creating data access tables c. monitoring a department's database use d. formulating a data strategy e. creating linked lists When considering various database software, the prime issue one might consider would be a. how much training on the system costs b. how often it needs to be backed up c. how many users will access the database simultaneously d. how often passwords can be changed e. whether it supports nested queries If your data model only has two entities, how many times can you relate the two entities a. 1 b. 3 (1:1, 1:m, m:m) c. 4 (1:1, 1:m, m:1, m:m) d. as many as is appropriate e. 6 (1:1, 1:m, m:m and reflexive variations of each) When defining a table using the create statement when would you use not null? a. on all foreign keys b. when a value is stored in the first column of a table c. when you want data entered into the particular column for each row in the table d. when a value might not be appropriate e. for all associative entity mappings

Reference no: EM13219567

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