What is diversity and why is it important

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Read the article by Turnbull, Greenwood, Tworoger and Golden (2009) entitled, "Diversity and inclusion in organizations: Developing an instrument for identification of skills deficiencies". May select an organization from your research.

Select your main focus for this paper from the following issues: glass ceilings, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, ethnicity, non-conforming physical appearance, disability, and religious beliefs. Select one or at most two (if related) of these items.

Address all of the following points in your paper.

1. What is diversity and why is it important?

2. As an HR manager, how would you advise employers to avoid liability in your selected issue?

3. What is the difference between compliance with laws and managing diversity? Why is this important?

4. What are the implications for managing diversity using Strategic HRM as differentiated from traditional HRM?

This is a 5 page paper in APA format, excluding cover page and reference list. Please use three outside sources in addition to the article.

Reference no: EM131018266

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