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Video applications typically run over UDP rather than TCP because they cannot tolerate retransmission delays. However, this means video applications are not constrained by TCP's congestion-control algorithm. What impact does this have on TCP traffic? Be specific about the consequences. Fortunately, these video applications often use RTP, which results in RTCP "receiver reports" being sent from the sink back to the source. These reports are sent periodically (e.g., once a second) and include the percentage of packets successfully received in the last reporting period. Describe how the source might use this information to adjust its rate in a TCP-compatible way.

Reference no: EM131045427

How much does this tell the attacker about the key k1

Being able to recover the key given a plaintext and ciphertext would be bad enough for any encryption mechanism; explain why it would be particularly fatal for public key cr

Perform round i + 1 of des encryption

Perform round i + 1 of DES encryption, using the result of the previous exercise to fill in Li and Ri , and let Ki+1 be 5af310 7a3fff. Give Ri+1, assuming that we use a simp

Find out how a client can negotiate its use

Assume the server reads each client message with gets() or the equivalent, which reads in a string up to an . What would it have to do even to detect that a client had used

Find out how to configure an http server

Decide if such a feature is part of the protocol or part of an implementation, or is technically even permitted by the protocol. (Documentation for the apache HTTP server ca

Wouldn''t the server already know its name

Why does the HTTP GET command on page 654, GET http://www.cs.princeton.edu/index.html HTTP/1.1 contain the name of the server being contacted? Wouldn't the server already kn

What other application tasks might be moved into protocol

Could an appropriate analog of persistent connections be moved from the application layer into such a transport protocol? What other application tasks might be moved into th

List each intermediate name server contacted

Then carry out manually a name lookup such as that in Figure 9.5; try the host name www.cs.princeton.edu. List each intermediate name server contacted. You may also need to

How an http server might apply it

What mechanism within the TCP protocol could help an HTTP server deal with noncooperative or poorly implemented clients that don't close from their end? If possible, find ou


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