What does the attribute packed and aligned mean

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What does the attribute "packed" and "aligned" mean for GCC compiler in Linux? How to use these two attributes? Please give example code segments.

Reference no: EM132184842

Prepare a new balance sheet

Use the following information for a banking system and expand it to its limits (i. e., exhaust excess reserves). Prepare a new balance sheet and determine TR and RR after ex

Population mean for random variable

Suppose that a random variable X always takes one of the integer values 1, 2, 3 , 4, or 5. The probability function for X is given by: Pr(Xi) =Xi/15. a. What is the populati

Problem regarding the capacity decision

The probability of moderate acceptance is estimated to be 60%; strong acceptance has a probability of 40%. The product will sell for Tk.25 per unit regardless of the capacit

Analyze all the costs and benefits of moving to a virtual

Analyze all the costs and benefits of moving to a virtual desktop solution, and propose a minimum of four benefits of the new system over the existing one. Compare and contras

Use a traditional for loop to process the array

Write a Java method which takes an integer array parameter and fills the array with random numbers between 1 and 1000, including 1 and 1000. Use a traditional for loop to pr

Relationships among software engineering

1. Describe the relationships among software engineering process methods and tools? 2. What are the primary advantages of the component based process model for Software engine

Subsets of integers which sum to the same number

How many numbers do you require from this generator to guarantee that there exist 2 subsets of integers which  sum to the same number? Write steps how derive the solution.

What percent of teenage boys

(1) What percent of teenage boys have high cholesterol levels (2) We select a sample of n = 50 teenage boys. What is the probability that the sample mean will be less than


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