What does the attribute packed and aligned mean

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What does the attribute "packed" and "aligned" mean for GCC compiler in Linux? How to use these two attributes? Please give example code segments.

Reference no: EM132184842

Values-based service is defined as service

Values-based service is defined as service that is firmly based on the core company values as well as social and environmental responsibility. When the core company values and

A detailed discussion of current technology

Literature Review & State of the Art - A detailed discussion of current technology and practices and how the problems or issues arise, are solved and/or how the technology i

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games

In a virtual world (VW) of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), collaboration and communication are provided through the Internet between MMORPG-ready

Keyboard combinations that can increase

Microsoft® Word provides keyboard combinations that can increase a user's efficiency. How can these shortcuts simplify the support process for Microsoft® Word

Show that a huffman tree can be constructed in linear time

Given a Huffman coding tree, which algorithm would you use to get the codewords for all the symbols? What is its time-efficiency class as a function of the alphabet size?

Designing the most secure network possible,

Term paper involves putting together the various concepts learned throughout this course. You are tasked with designing the most secure network possible, keeping in mind your

Whether you are restricted to only the designated ports

Per industry standards, there are over 65535 ports used by computers, however the first 1023 are considered well-known ports. Assess the significance of the well-known ports

Write a complete java method called writelist

Write a complete Java method called writeList that takes an ArrayList of Strings as a parameter and writes each String as a line in a text file. Make sure to handle the Exce


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