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Question 1:

What is meant by a "nondeterministic" protocol? Give an example.

Question 2:

Your wireless LAN device has just sent a request to send (RTS). What happens next?

Question 3:

Your company wants to create a wireless network for the entire office building. The building is 10 stories high, and the company wants to incorporate IEEE 802.11a by placing one access point on the tenth floor. Will this layout work? Explain.

Question 4:

Why is ARP necessary if every workstation connected to the Internet has a unique IP address?

Question 5:

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of:

centralized routing

distributed routing

adaptive routing

Question 6:

What are the various combinations of circuit switched and packet switched networks and connection-oriented and connectionless network applications? Explain each case with examples.

Question 7:

Compare and contrast star, bus and ring topologies of computer networks.

Question 8:

How can a business use a private virtual network and tunneling to support an off-site connection?

Question 9:

Generate the parity bits and longitudinal parity bits for even parity for the characters 0101010, 0011010, 0011110, 1111110, and 0000110.

Question 10:

Answer the following:

a) In a stop-and-wait error control system, Station A sends packet 0, it arrives without error, and an

ACK is returned, but the ACK is lost. What happens next?

b) In a sliding window error control system in which each packet is numbered, Station A sends packets 4, 5, 6, and 7. Station B receives them and wants to acknowledge all of them. What does Station B send back to Station A?

c) In a stop-and-wait error control system, Station A sends packet 0, and it is lost. What happens next?

d) In a sliding window system with each byte numbered, Station A sends a packet with bytes numbered 801 to 900. If the packet arrives with no errors, how does Station B respond?

Reference no: EM13984685

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