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1 In addition to basic managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, leaders are ascribed:

Procedural and external roles

Procedural and internal roles

Strategic and internal roles

Strategic and external roles

2 Leaders in high power distance cultures would be most characterized by:

Expecting feedback from employees

Relying on formal structures to accomplish tasks

Seeking notoriety for the organization

Focusing on team efforts

3 The trait approach to leadership suggests that:

Leaders have special innate qualities

Leadership traits are clearly visible

Traits are based on social class

Traits cannot be measured

4 The interactionist view of individual differences suggests:

The environment determines who we are

Genes are the most important factor in making people who they are

Heredity and the environment both influence individual differences

Culture is one of the key factor in determining how people behavior

5 All managers have access to which source of individual power?





6 Followers will only follow a charismatic leader if:

They believe change is needed

They are motivated

They have clear rewards waiting for them

They are confident

7 As organizations grow and mature, the leader's influence is often replaced with:

They influence of teams

The power of middle management

The presence of a strong culture

Individual decision making

8 Which of the following cultural values can affect employee participation in decision making?


Tolerance for ambiguity


Time orientation

9 ____________is change that is the result of specific and conscious actions by leaders or followers to change the organization





10 ______________focuses on education and teaching participants the skills to effectively conduct the day-to-day activities of the individual's role in the organization.

Executive development

Leader development

Leadership development

Supervisory and managerial development.

Reference no: EM13762713

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