What do you get if you add -1/4 to itself 4 times

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1. What do you get if you add -1/4 to itself 4 times? What is -1/4 × 4? Are they the same? What should they be?

2. Write down the bit pattern in the fraction of value 1/3 assuming a floating point format that uses binary numbers in the fraction. Assume there are 24 bits, and you do not need to normalize. Is this representation exact?

Reference no: EM131322200

Write down the bit pattern in the fraction

Write down the bit pattern in the fraction assuming a floating point format that uses Binary Coded Decimal (base 10) numbers in the fraction instead of base 2. Assume there

What is the clock cycle time in a pipelined

If we can split one stage of the pipelined datapath into two new stages, each with half the latency of the original stage, which stage would you split and what is the new cl

What is the speedup from this change

What is the speedup from this change? Assume that the latency of the EX stage is reduced by 20 ps and the latency of the MEM stage is unchanged when branch outcome resolutio

What happens when this code executes

If there is forwarding, for the first five cycles during the execution of this code, specify which signals are asserted in each cycle by hazard detection and forwarding unit

What is the extra cpi due to mispredicted branches

What is the extra CPI due to mispredicted branches with the always-taken predictor? Assume that branch outcomes are determined in the EX stage, that there are no data hazard

Design a predictor that would achieve a perfect accuracy

You predictor should be a sequential circuit with one output that provides a prediction (1 for taken, 0 for not taken) and no inputs other than the clock and the control sig

What is the optimal block size

Assume that main memory accesses take 70 ns and that memory accesses are 36% of all instructions. The following table shows data for L1 caches attached to each of two proces

What is the average memory access time for p1 and p2

For the next three problems, we will consider the addition of an L2 cache to P1 to presumably make up for its limited L1 cache capacity. Use the L1 cache capacities and hit


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