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A nonprofit organization in a western state has operated a 40-hour motorcycle safety program for the past 10 years. The program permits unlicensed, novice motorcycle rid- ers to learn skills that are believed necessary to reduce accidents involving motorcyclists. On completing the 1-week course, trainees are given a standard state driver’s test for motorcycle riders. If they pass, they are licensed to ride a motorcycle in the state. The program operates in one city and the training program graduates about 400 motorcy- clists per year. The objective of the program is to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists. Because the program has been targeted in one city, the effects would tend to be focused on that community. The key question is whether this course does reduce motorcycle accidents for those who are trained. Your task is to design an evaluation that will tell us whether the training program is effective in reducing motorcycle accidents. In designing your evaluation, pay attention to the internal and construct validities of the design. What comparisons would you want to build into your design? What would you want to measure to see whether the program was effective? How would you know if the program was successful?

Please use, Program Evaluation & Performance Mesutement by McDivid.

Reference no: EM132185200

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