What are the total variable expenses

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For Garland Company, sales is $1,000,000, fixed expenses are $300,000, and the contribution margin ratio is 36%. What are the total variable expenses?

Reference no: EM13131348

Journal entry to record bond interest accrued

On August 1, 2007, a company issues bonds with a par value of $600,000. The bonds mature in 10 years, and pay 6% annual interest, payable each February 1 and August 1.

Demonstrate your ability to run the company in the software

In the previous module, you set up your new real estate LLC. This week you will create some transactions to demonstrate your ability to run this company in the software.

Cost benefit considerations

Do you think that cost benefit considerations will be different in different countries? If so how would cost-benefit considerations be determined by a global accounting stan

Company overall break even point

Moston enterprises sells three chemicals petrol, septine and tridol. Petrols units contribution margin higher than the septine which is higer than tridons which one of the f

Weight reduction consulting services to individuals

My-Best Weight Co. offers personal weight reduction consulting services to individuals. After all the accounts have been closed on June 30, 2014, the end of the current fis

Classification as a current asset

Which of the following should not be classified as a current asset? a) A one year installment receivable from the sale of a truck b) An investment expected to be needed for op

What is the amount of anna recognized gain

which Elm assumed for legitimate business purposes. The fair market value of Elm's stock at the time of the transfer was $30,000. What is the amount of Anna's recognized gain?

What impact will the new erp system have on altitude

What impact will the new ERP system have on Altitude Online public facing Web site? How will it affect its intranet? What types of applications will be available from the empl


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