What are the leadership implications in these circumstances

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Leadership Values

This unit is about the values and principles that underlie leadership behavior. For this Shared Activity, you will discuss whether leadership values are universal or whether they can be contextual or culturally derived.

Imagine you are attending a staff meeting at which one of your colleagues, a manager of another department, is giving a presentation. His name is on the first slide of the presentation, and he regularly mentions the research he did to prepare for, and the work he put into, completing this presentation. You had previously managed his department before moving to your current position, so you know many of his staff well. You are aware that they have been putting in long hours working on this project and preparing the presentation, yet they are not credited on any of the written material nor mentioned by the manager.

To complete this Shared Activity, by approximately Day 5 of Unit 4, post a brief (around 200 words) response to the following:

- Does the manager's failure to acknowledge the contributions of his staff constitute an ethical violation? Why or why not?
- Would the answer to this question differ in different cultures or contexts?
- What are the leadership implications in these circumstances?
- What more would you want to know about this incident?

Throughout Unit 4, discuss with your colleagues similarities and differences in your responses, ask clarifying questions, suggest new ideas, and share different perspectives on this and similar scenarios you may have encountered. Incorporate ideas on leadership ethics from your Learning Resources as appropriate to support your arguments.

Participate in this Shared Activity only during the period of this unit to ensure that you and your colleagues can keep track of one another's postings and maintain a focused, collaborative discussion. Review the Syllabus and Shared Activities Forum Rubric for information on how your contributions to the Shared Activities Forum will be graded in this module. In each unit, you will receive feedback from your Faculty Member

Reference no: EM13860521

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