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In writing your paper you are to assume that the instructor has read the case; therefore, there is little value in simply restating background information. Instead, your goal is to use this information to discuss and explain implications, to offer meaningful insights, and to offer recommendations that are supported by well-reasoned logic and rationale.


1. Based on the SWOT analysis provided in the case, what are the key issues Mistine should address in its strategic planning as it looks to continue its growth and dominance in the Thai market? Discuss.

2. How can Mistine match its strengths with its market opportunities to create competitive advantages moving forward?

3. How can Better Way stay on top in Thailand while it looks to expand internationally? Explain and discus.

4. What specific strategic marketing initiatives would you recommend over the next five years? Discuss.


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After the analysis of the entire information with respect to the domestic market of Mistime, a number of key issues have been identified that are supposed to be considered for being identified and solved. These issues have been identified from the perspective of the strategies being used. Firstly, changes are supposed to be made within the strategy of commission for the motivation, encouragement and inspiration of the salesmen towards both, increasing in the level of sales and being prolonged towards the company, instead of being focused on providing commission of 20 per cent to 30 per cent(Larsen, 2007). For being capable of reaching the customers, there is a need for adding extra channels with respect to distribution like ordering through phone, being present at supermarkets or convenient stores. The company should be continuously focused on having constant campaigns of advertising and the development of new products. This is important for initiating penetration within the segment of men.

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