What are the important determinants of economic growth

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Question: What have been the most important determinants of economic growth in Japan over the past 10 years? The response must be typed, single spaced, must be in times new roman font (size 12) and must follow the APA format.

Reference no: EM132280176

Drive on a toll-road vs. a free-access interstate

How do costs play into your everyday life? For example, why might it be cheaper to drive on a toll-road vs. a free-access interstate? Also, can you identify situations where y

Differences between horizontal, vertical-conglomerate merger

Discuss the differences between horizontal, vertical and conglomerate mergers and how those differ from a joint venture. Prepare a 350- to 1,050- word paper detailing the f

Explain why the consumer would like to buy more cotton socks

Econ 111: Principles of Economics - Accelerated Treatment - Problem Set 3. Assume that the marginal rate of substitution of woolen (W) for cotton (C) socks is MUC/MUW = 6 and

Why might you want to control for other factors in model

Suppose you can collect random samples of the driving-age population in both states, for 1985 and 1990. Let arrest be a binary variable equal to unity if a person was arrest

What arbitrage opportunities does this create

The 2-month interest rates in Switzerland and the United States are, respectively, 1% and 2% per annum with continuous compounding. The spot price of the Swiss franc is $1.050

It uses an optimal two-part pricing strateg

A local video store estimates that their average customer's demand per year is P = 3.5 - .05Q (all customers are identical), and knows that the marginal cost of each rental is

What would factor price equalization imply happens to wages

A small industrialized country initially has no trading links with a large, but closed, cen- trally-planned economy that shares a border. Wages per hour for skilled and unsk

What can you say about your price elasticity of demand

Suppose the price of widgets rises from $5 to $7 and consumption of widgets falls from 25 widgets a month to 15 widgets. Calculate your price elasticity of demand of widgets.


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