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Case Study: Gladys

Gladys is a 25-year-old Vietnamese stay-at-home mother who has been married for 7 years and has three children by her husband. They are all girls with the oldest being 6 years old followed by a 4-year old and now a 3-month old. Gladys reports that her husband always wanted a son. She states that he has always been an angry man but after the birth of their third daughter, his violent behavior has increased. Gladys states that most of his violence and aggression has been directed at her or the house all these years, but now she fears for her daughters' lives. "He's out of control," she says during the interview. "I don't know what to do."

Gladys' family lives in Vietnam and her husband has no family connections. Gladys reports that her husband pays all the bills and the only money she receives is a small weekly allowance for food and supplies for her and the girls.

Case Analysis:

What are the client's strengths and how can you apply these strengths to appropriate interventions?

Using three different appropriate interview techniques, identify each technique as you work towards appropriate interventions with the client. To do this you will need to develop a brief dialogue. Remember to consider any ethical and cultural issues. Note these at the end of your dialogue.

What goals would you want to work with the client on based on the information available? Explain why you chose those goals and how you think they will help meet the client''s needs. Tip: remember that goals are different from case tasks and referrals you might make to benefit the client and their situation.


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The paper talks about the Gladys’s strong will to survive even in the worst of the family conditions and her concern for her and her daughter’s safety. The paper talks about how Gladys has been going through her husband’s abusive behavior for seven years of marriage for the reason of not being able to give her husband a son. This situation depicts that even the world has moved to new heights of modern and open thinking, still the narrow mentality of some men prevail when it comes to choosing between a male and a female child. It also shows that a girl child is still undermined in terms of capabilities still in our society and how mothers are ridiculously expected to produce a male child when everyone knows it can’t be controlled. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Word format.

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