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1. What are project management processes? What are product-orientated processes? Give examples of both. Why is there a balance between the two? (Craft this well to tie into Question 2).

 2.  List and discuss the advantages of using project management processes when acquiring or developing an IT suite for your business. Discuss possible negative impacts if no PM process is used. Include some basics: What is a project? What is project management? Describe the relationship between scope, schedule, and budget.

3. Compare and contrast two prototyping or SDLC models. Be sure to identify pros and cons of each (See weekly readings concerning SDLCs). Why might SDLC models be important to project management?

4.  Define and discuss Critical Path Analysis, PERT charts and GANTT charts. When is each best used and why? What are some of the positive attributes or negative concerns when using these charts? What concerns might a PM have in basing decisions on these charts? Take a graduate level approach to these questions and put some thought into your responses.

Reference no: EM131442215

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