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1. Which is NOT the true controlling objective?

A. Real estate objects

B. Statistical objects

C. profitability segments

D. Make-to-order sales orders

2. Which is/are not features of Profit Center Accounting?

A. Good for business

B. Internally Focused

C. Externally focused

D. All of the above are features of profit center accounting E. Used for segment reporting

3. Which is not a primary cost element?

A. Production overhead

B. Labor

C. Utilities

D. Rent expense

4. What is the key integration of financial accounting to controlling?

A. Primary Profit Center

B. Primary Integration Center

C. Primary Controlling Element

D. Primary Cost Center

E. Primary Cost Element

5. What are the different currency types in the controlling area?

A. Object currency B. A, B & C

C. Transaction currency


E. Controlling area currency

6. What will happen to profit if cost increases by $1?

A. Increase by $1

B. Increase less than $1

C. All of the above are possible. D. Remain the same

7. Which of the following modules mostly reflects the managerial accounting side of SAP?




8. Which is not a feature of managerial accounting?

A. Consists mostly of historical data

B. No strict compliance requirements

C. All of the above are features of managerial accounting

D. Flexible

E. For internal users

9. Management Accounting, which is sometimes referred to as cost accounting or controlling, is concerned with the management of costs and revenues and internally focused.

True False

10. In activity-based costing (ABC), which can also be referred to as activity-based accounting, business activities are mapped into the system with the help of ________________ activity types and __________________ to assign the cost and track the changes in cost.

11. An attribute of a settlement rule would be:

A. Both A and C are correct

B. It settles cost centers at period end

C. It determines the proportion of costs from a sender that should be settled to which receiver/receivers.

D. All of the above are correct

E. It is a necessary business parameter for proper assignment of accounting transactions from internal orders and product costing back to financial accounting.

12. Configuration steps for overhead management incudes which of the following steps?

A. All of the above

B. Business rules and parameters

C. Basic enterprise structures D. Testing

E. Master data

13. Which is NOT a key process of management accounting?

A. Product costing

B. Overhead management

C. Cost element accounting D. Profitability accounting

14. Which of the following is not a standard internal order type?

A. Overhead orders B. Orders with costs

C. Capital investment orders

D. All of the above are types of internal orders E. Accrual orders

15. How many of the following statements about testing are true?

a. Unit is the highest level of testing in the SAP ERP system b. Scenario Testing focuses on single accounting entries

c. User Acceptance Testing is a functional testing

d. Regression testing is done during system changes such as installation of enhancement packages

e. Testing for controlling would most often involve scenario, integration and user acceptance testing.

16. Which focuses on the classification, analysis and management of costs on a more temporary basis?

A. Internal order accounting B. Profitability accounting

C. Activity based costing D. Cost center accounting

17. Assigning company code to controlling area is one of the most important connections of financial accounting to controlling. This enables all financial transactions to flow over to controlling for internal management accounting purposes. This enables the company to complete all EXCEPT:

A. Profitability analysis

B. Internal orders and more

C. Product costing

D. Cost center accounting

18. MBG factory produces widgets. If the factory has implemented the SAP system, from a cost account standpoint, machine hours would be considdered:

A. None of the above B. A time capacity

C. A cost center D. A profit center E. An activity type

19. Orders that capture costs related to internal activities that will eventually be settled to a fixed asset in FI are:

A. Investment orders

B. Orders with revenues

C. Overhead Orders D. Accrual orders

20. Which is /are the features of Profitability Analysis?

A. Good for business B. A and B

C. B and C

D. Good for individual customers

E. Used for segment reporting

Reference no: EM132234380

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