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Question - Camera Co. sold equipment with a cost of $22,000 and accumulated depreciation of $6,000 for an amount that resulted in a gain of $5,000. What amount should Innovativeness report on the statement of cash flows as "proceeds from sale of plant assets"?

A. $11,000

B. $16,000

C. $21,000

D. Some other amount

Reference no: EM132184638

Office automation and group collaboration software-advantage

The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss and describe what office automation and group collaboration software is used within my organization which is the finance section

Prepare a single-step income statement

cost of merchandise sold, $4,000,000; administrative expenses, $500,000; interest expense, $30,000; rent revenue, $100,000; net sales, $6,500,000; and selling expenses, $750

Breakeven point in units

Fairfield company management has budgeted the following amoumts for its next fiscal year total fixed expenses 832,500, sale price per unit 40, variable expenses per unit25 w

A perpetual inventory system

Hogan’s Department Store uses a perpetual inventory system. Data for product E2-D2 include the purchases shown below. Date Number of Units Unit Price May 7 60 $11 July 28 32 1

Amount of social security taxes

Ben and Jack both earned $60,000 this year. Ben (age 30) is married with two children, and Jack (age 68) is single with no dependents. Which of the following is true regardi

Budgeted purchases for the fourth quarter-forecast sales

Barrett's Fashions forecast sales of $125,000 for the quarter ended December 31. Its gross profit rate is 20% of sales, and its September 30 inventory is $32,500. If the Dec

Find a business article related to some aspect

In this discussion post you are to discuss either the pro or con of full financial disclosure. You must take a position advocating full disclosure and why this is beneficial

Total allowable deductions

Aiko, Lani, and Charlie own the 3-Star Partnership, sharing profits and losses 20:50:30. During the current year, 3-Star has total gross income of $500,000 and total allowab


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