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What actually was influenced? In other words, if influence is the change in another’s attitudes, values, or behaviors as the result of an influence tactic, then what changes occurred in the subjects as the result of the experimenter’s influence tactics?

Reference no: EM131228746

Why companies engage in international business

Expanding sales is listed as one of several reasons why companies engage in international business. Large multinational firms are given as examples, including General Motors.

When companies are market-seeking

When companies are “market-seeking”, how should they determine where to expand first? Consider the concept of “scanning” of countries, vs. “detailed analysis” of countries (a

Cultural barriers-currency-tariffs-mode of entry challenges

What global marketing challenges would you face if the simulation were based on a real-world situation? Discuss the difference in the experience you would have with the assump

Create an inter-department work team

You are a department manger with a need to help create an inter-department work team. You have just completed an internal seminar of developing effective work teams and want t

Ethnicity is qualitative variable

Sex is a classification variable. Ethnicity is a qualitative variable. Marital status is a categorical variable. A value is a specific quantity or category of a variable. A hy

Successfully complete an interview at a major corporation

Discuss the three things that you think you still need to really prepare for in order to be able to successfully complete an interview at a major corporation. If not prepared,

Difference between negligence and intentional torts

As we get to the end of the week, let’s look more closely at the difference between negligence and intentional torts. Do not provide a definition of these theories - instead m

Produce four high-intensity long-distance receiver

Johnson Industries received a contract to develop and produce four high-intensity long-distance receiver/transmitters for cellular telephones. The first took 2,200 labor hours


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