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Choose any e-business you would like/think to establish.

Discuss how the web portal features and elements will help you to advance your e-business.

Reference no: EM132184214

Conduct a set of preliminary discussions

Conduct a set of preliminary discussions with Andrews and Jones to discuss the various systems and the company's strategic vision. You also meet with the heads of Marketing,

Converts infix expressions to postfix expressions

Using two stacks, one for the operands and one for the operators, design and implement a Calculator class that converts infix expressions to postfix expressions and then use

Write a class polybius, that encrypts and decripts strings

Write two function encode and decode. Encode accepts a string of upper case letters and returns a string of digits. Decode accepts a string of digits and returns a string of

Suggest an agile project management framework

Create a project plan for this project based on your proposed framework through the use of MS Project or Excel. Note: List all major milestones, resources, tasks and depende

Modify the dla simple model

The DLA Simple model often winds up with long, tendril-like particle traces. Why does this occur? Why does this pattern change when you make the decision to stick or not to

Common web application vulnerabilities

Authentication and authorization tools available in ASP.NET. What are common web application vulnerabilities, and how can you harden your applications against these? what ar

Two consecutive integers n and n+1

it can be shown that if gcd (m, n) = 1 then φ(mn) = φ(m) φ(n). Using this property and the property that φ(p) = p -1 for prime, it is straightforward to determine the value

How would you fi x the false sharing issue that can occur

Consider the following portions of two different programs running at the same time on four processors in a symmetric multicore processor (SMP). Assume that before this code


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