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A transformational leader does not seal to acclaim him like the charismatic leader; his purpose is to bring about positive change, migrating organizational economic status to a new plain of increased profitability and healthy organizational welfare. Leadership involves the process of encouraging and helping other people to work with enthusiasm towards achieving a mission. This largely explains why the success of any TQM initiative is hinged on effective leadership. Leadership which at least, in my part of the world, attention has not been given to which is emotional intelligence. This describes the ability of a leader to connect emotionally to his followers. This is quite different from the emotional intelligence which politicians exhibit during electoral campaigns which is meant at appealing to the electorates' sentimental side on the reasons why he/she should rule. A transformational leader not only possesses cognitive skills but also emotional intelligence to know how to handle people from diverse cultures and orientations.

Within the business world, emotional intelligence becomes a vital tool in handling the complex nature of today's business. Narrowing this discourse to TQM, getting employees convinced of the reasons why such an initiative should be implemented requires that the interpersonal skills of the leaders are up to standard. Relationship management also becomes vital as TQM seeks to integrate business units whose jobs roles differ from one another. The effective leader should also possess problem solving skills which will come in handy when defects are observed within a process and a quick decision is needed on how next to proceed. The immense contribution emotional intelligence in organizational leadership impacts on productivity/performance improvement, profitability and the psychological balance of employees.

Though most leaders have the cognitive leadership skills which aid their analysis and logical reasoning, the absence of an emotionally intelligent mind makes conflict resolution difficult for a leader who's not empathic of the employees' welfare or even the ultimate concern for the consumer who is the final destination of the product or service as the case may be. Emotional intelligence can be acquired and honed to perfection over time.

Question: what are the possible ways in which organizational managements can be made to see the importance of emotional intelligence in their organizations

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Reference no: EM134808

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