Wasteful usage of variable overhead costs

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1. Wasteful usage of variable overhead costs such as indirect materials and utilities—i.e., misplacing or spilling indirect materials or leaving machines running and doors to refrigerated areas open— will show up as part of the variable overhead EFFICIENCY variance.


2. In contrast to change forces, resistance forces support the status quo, that is, the existing conditions in an organization.



3. ?Specific, challenging goals provide a target for which to aim and a standard against which to measure success. True False

Reference no: EM131441134

Business writing is more forceful when active-voice verbs

Business writing is more forceful when it uses active- voice verbs. Revise the following sentences so that verbs are in the active voice. Put the emphasis on the doer of the a

What is the function of information technology department

What is the function of the information technology department at many workplaces. What is your opinion of the new law in Korea, the antigraft law. See the article in annouceme

What are both procedural and substantive due process

Do businesses have free speech rights? If so, what kind of speech gets the most protection? What are the limits on the free speech of businesses? What are both Procedural and

Analyze and rank the sources with regard to reliability

Using the Web and other venues of your choice, identify three to four sources of information for trend data about the subject you chose in Step 2. Analyze and rank the sourc

Propose strategies for developing management staff

Propose strategies for developing management staff, medical staff, and governing body/board in a learning organization. What do you foresee as the obstacles you will face

Active in integrating information technologies

Unlike large organizations, small organizations have been less active in integrating information technologies into their business operations. For example, some of the larger a

Exactly one tank in sample contains high viscosity material

In a chemical plant, 24 holding tanks are used for final product storage. Four are selected at random and without replacement suppose that six of the tanks contain material in

What is the long run average cost in the system

Consider a model for inventory where inventory is depleted and replenished according to Poisson processes. Thus times between depletions are iid exponential with mean 1/u and


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