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On Brenda Sniezek’s first day of work for the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, she signed a document that purported to compel arbitration of any disputes that she might have with the Chiefs. In the document, Sniezek agreed to comply at all times with and be bound by the constitution and bylaws of the National Football League (NFL). She agreed to refer all disputes to the NFL commissioner for a binding decision and to release the Chiefs and others from any related claims. Nowhere in the document did the Chiefs agree to do anything. Was there consideration for the arbitration provision?

Reference no: EM132183735

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A small vendor has either a good day of sales with an average of $1,000 or a bad day with an average of only $500 for the day. To simulate these outcomes, random numbers from

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The Athletic Department of Leland University is considering whether to hold an extensive campaign next year to raise funds for a new athletic field. The response to the campai

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What is a hotel’s operating cash flow to current liabilities, if the property recorded in 2006 an operating cash flow of $9,418,717? The property’s total liabilities in 2006 w


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