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You are the vice president of operations for a small manufacturing company that uses the absorptive method of accounting for fixed manufacturing overhead, and you are approaching the end of the year. The accounting manager just visited some of your supervisors and said that the profitability of the company can appear better if more products were produced, even if they are not all sold right away. Many of the supervisors do not understand how this makes sense and asked you to explain it. You decide to meet with all the production supervisors to explain this.

Explain how the profitability of the company can be made to look better if they were to produce more products, even if they are not all sold right away.

Reference no: EM1359016

Difference between gross revenues and net revenues

Identify one of the two key principals used in accrual accounting and state an advantage and disadvantage?  What is the difference between gross revenues and net revenues? Wha

Balance sheets-assuming that principal payments

Assume that on December 1, 2013, your company borrowed $15,000, a portion of which is to be repaid each year on November 30. Specifically, your company will make the followi

Estimating the contract cost

During the year, job 123 a firm fixed price contract for the production of 3,000 raincoats will be started and completed. Estimate the contract cost.

Bond issuance journal entry

On January 1, 2010, Kentwood Company issued bonds with a face value of $800,000. The bonds carry a stated interest of 7% payable each January 1 and July 1. Prepare the journ

Knowledge-building organizations

M. Scardamalia and C. Bereiter, called 'Schools as knowledge-building organizations', published in 1999 in a book edited by D. Keating and C. Hertzman, called 'Today's child

State requirements for land reclamation projects

Trained as a mining engineer, David has developed considerable expertise in the treatment and disposition of waste material. He also is well versed in the federal and stat

Debtor/creditor entries for continuation of troubled debt

(Debtor/Creditor Entries for Continuation of Troubled Debt) Daniel Perkins is the sole shareholder of Perkins Inc., which is currently under protection of the U.S. bankruptc

Recognizing the gain-loss by partners

What is each partners beginning putside basis and how much gain(loss) must the partners recognize in 2010 when Picture Perfect was formed?


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