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A bakery must decide how many pies to prepare for the upcoming weekend. The bakery has the option to make 50, 100, or 150 pies. Assume that demand for the pies can be 50, 100, or 150. Each pie costs $5 to make and sells for $7. Unsold pies are donated to a nearby charity center. Assume that there is no opportunity cost for lost sales. Refer to the information above. Assume that the bakery has obtained the following probability information regarding demand for the pies: P(50) = 0.3, P(100) = 0.5, and P(150) = 0.2. Which alternative should be chosen using the expected monetary value (EMV) criterion?

Reference no: EM131138144

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Consider and discuss to cope with uncertainty, why we strive to gather appropriate information, that is, knowledge about what has occurred in the past or what is happening at


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