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Assessment task 
Use the questionnaire on 'Uses and Gratifications of Facebook' in Moodle under the 'Assessment 2' link. Darren, a student at CQUniversity is doing a research on Facebook and its uses and gratifications for university students. He wants to do an online survey with students from most Australian universities to have a representative sample of the population. You can check the following reference for more information about the topic: Hou, J. 2011, 'Uses and Gratifications of Social Games: Blending Social Networking and Game Play' First Monday, Vol. 16, no.7. You are required to answer the following questions in relation to the Darren's research: 
1. Perform a critical analysis of the questionnaire Darren is using and suggest ways of how to improve it. 
2. Suggest a sampling plan to Darren for an online survey of Australian university students. 
3. What are the considerations Darren should take into account when designing and implementing the online survey? 
4. How can Darren increase the response rate to his online survey? 
5. Suggest a qualitative research design to accompany the online survey. 
A strict report format is not required for this assignment. However, structure and presentation will count. A title page, executive summary, table of contents, body (introduction, answering of all the above questions) and a conclusion are required for this assessment.

Reference no: EM13140321

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