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Blue Highway Bus Lines uses the units-of-activity method in depreciating its buses. One bus was purchased on January 1, 2007,at a cost of $120,000. Over its 4-year useful life, the bus is expected to be driven 160,000 miles. Salvage value is expected tobe $8,000.

Compute the depreciation cost per unit.

Prepare a depreciation schedule assuming actual mileage was:2007, 40,000; 2008, 52,000; 2009, 41,000; and 2010, 27,000.

Reference no: EM13258322

Recognizes gain on the transfer

In return, she receives 80% of the stock in Goldfinch Corporation (fair market value of $180,000) and a long-term note (fair market value of $20,000) executed by Goldfinch a

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Over the past 75 years, we have observed that investments with the highest average annual returns also tend to have the highest standard deviations of their annual returns.

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a. How much dividend income does Speedways have?  b. How much and what kind of taxable income does Speedways have because of the distribution?  c. What is Speedways's basis

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Erismus is a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Erismus's management believes it is probable that the company eventually will prevail in court, and that if it prevails, the judgment will

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A service facility consists of one server who can serve an average of two customers per hour (service times are exponential). An average of three customers per hour arrive a


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