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Unit aim: To provide learners with an understanding of the principles of procedural programming and to enable them to design and implement procedural programming solutions. Unit abstract: Irrespective of framework or delivery platform, the development of procedural code is still at the core of many commercial application development projects. Event driven systems and object oriented platforms all use procedural code for the critical command content of their objects, events and listeners. This unit allows learners to become familiar with the underpinning principles of procedural programming. Many languages have the capacity to develop procedural code and it is not important which language is chosen for this unit. Ideally, for learners who are new to programming, this unit would be considered the starting point before progressing onto one (or all) of the many programming units. Whilst the learner is not expected to develop any complex code in this unit, the foundations will enable the development of their programming skills.

Reference no: EM13935030

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