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Assessment Task: Industry participants and protection

Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry.


The following assessment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of participants in the financial services industry, understanding of industry security practices, the role of one of the financial regulators and the legislation under which they operate.


Follow the instructions in the table below. You will be assessed on the boxed criteria indicated by a box on the right hand side.

Submission Instructions

1. This should be presented in report format, meaning headings use only key words from the questions.

2. Word limit 800 words.

3. This is an individual, not a group assignment, so must be your own work.

4. RMIT rules regarding Plagiarism apply for this and all assignments.

i. Present your answers under appropriate short headings based on key words from each question.

ii. When presenting evidence e.g. data or an experts' opinion, immediately cite when using the source, i.e. state the name or author/organisation, not the url. Reasons for this can be found on https://www.dlsweb.rmit.edu.au/bus/public/referencing/index.html

Example of citing an author: "Smith (2015) says that ..." OR, "..................... (Smith 2015)"

Example of citing an organisation: "The RBA (2015) says ..." OR ".............. (RBA 2015)"

iii. Fully list, in alphabetical order by source name, all sources cited in (iii) above at the back of your assignment under "References". Start with the source name (author/organisation name), book or website name, publishing details/full url, and date accessed. Example:


RBA (2015), Cash Rate Target, http://www.rba.gov.au/statistics/cash-rate/ (accessed 14 Mch 2016)

Smith, John, CBA Managing Director's Advice to Shareholders, Dec 2012, (accessed 3 Mch 2016) http://www.commbank.com.au/business/betterbusiness/business-sales-indicator.html

iv. RMIT rules on plagiarism mean that the work you present for assessment must be your own http://www1.rmit.edu.au/students/academic-integrity

To comply with these rules and to demonstrate your understanding, information sourced from others in your assignment in (iii & iv) above must be written in your own words and not copied.

v. This is a research assignment. Using your class notes, even if citing them, is inappropriate.  

vi. To provide evidence and confirm your authorship and competency, you may be questioned about details of your assignment. If unable to satisfactorily explain what you have submitted you may be assessed as NYC for this assessment.

Reference no: EM131227972

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