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According to Estes and Krogh (2012), "A cornerstone of quality teaching is having a firm understanding of child growth and development" (p. 63). Without a solid understanding of the physical, cognitive, and affective domains of development, it will be difficult for you to help children grow to reach their potential. 

For this discussion, you will start by choosing one of the images shared in the Developmental Domain Images flipbook shared below. Please title your discussion "Image _____: ________ Developmental Domain." This will be important for responding to your peers. 

After choosing your image:

  • Explain the developmental domain (physical, cognitive, or affective) that is represented in the image and justify how you know this.
  • Summarize the developmental domain that is represented in the image. Be sure to use at least one scholarly source to support the information you include in your summary. 
  • Discuss how understanding this developmental domain will influence your work with children. Provide an example to support your thinking.

Reference no: EM13801063

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